Saturday, April 19, 2014

21 Fix Day 5

Today ended up being a little off from my schedule. I was out and didn't get all my snacks in and had to make up for it later at night.

I started my day with my favorite breakfast: 2 Eggs, Fruit and Coffee. Today was watermelon and pineapple ( 1 RED, 1 PURPLE)

Snack: Sunflower seeds (1 Orange) Not pictured here, but I took my raw sunflower seeds and toasted them. (does anyone know if this is ok?) I didn't add oil or salt, just put them under the broiler to brown them up a little, which also gives them a lot of flavor.
I met a friend at the park with my kids, so I made my shake to take with me. ( 1 RED, 1 PURPLE )
I had strawberry with pineapple and it was delicious.

I missed my second snack because i didn't bring anything. I was really tired when I got home and did not feel like making the dinner I planned, but I got the kids fed and made it anyway. I am so glad I did, because it was DELICIOUS!! I felt so wrong eating it, like I wasn't following the plan, but it was completely on the plan. 

Dinner: Chili Cheese Fries with a 2 sides of steamed broccoli. 
(This was VERY FILLING) 
One serving is (1 RED, 1 BLUE, 1 YELLOW, 1 TEASPOON) ( i would recommend using both yellows here or its not very many fries) 

Snack: I still had 1 RED, 1 GREEN left after dinner, so I had one more serving of chili with greek yogurt as sour cream and 1 green of  sliced colored peppers. 

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