Saturday, April 19, 2014

21 Day Fix: Day 4

Day 4: This program is so great! Today was my first day eating out and I took my containers with me to make sure that I would stay on track. So I started my morning out a little different. I figured I needed to mix up my breakfast routine.

I made Oatmeal. I have this yummy oats and quinoa mix from Target that I like to cook when I have oatmeal. I filled my yellow container and topped it with 1 tsp honey and 1/2 a banana. (1 YELLOW, 1 PURPLE)

 Snack: Sunflower seeds

Lunch: I went out to lunch with my mom and boys to Zoe's Kitchen. First of all it was delicious! Second, there were MANY things on the menu that go perfectly with 21 day fix! I ordered the Salmon Kabob plate. It came with grilled salmon pieces, and zucchini, hummus, and a salad. It also had a tiziki sauce and pita which I didn't eat, because I was not sure what was in it. I should have asked how it was made. I just wasnt sure if it was mayonase based or if it was greek yogurt. I measured out my salmon and it fit perfectly in my red container. I visually estimated the salad at 2 green containers and the hummus and little bit of feta on top of the salad as 1 blue. So it counted as (1 RED, 1 BLUE, and 2 GREEN) I was very pleased with myself for my first time eating out.
When I did my meal planning for the week, I didn't realize that my husband had a dinner to go to on Thursday and I would be on my own for dinner. I decided to "treat" myself to one of my favorite fish dishes. Sea Bass... YUM!  I came across this recipe and have made it several times. It goes well with chicken if you are not a fish person. I served my sea bass with tomato relish and tricolored quinoa (from Trader Joe's). Recipe for the fish to follow. I also had a serving of fruit with it. THIS RECIPE IS VERY VERY EASY!!

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