Friday, July 18, 2014

Refresh Results and Thoughts

I wanted to share on here about the 3 day refresh and my honest thoughts about it. First of all  I am not a huge fan of cleanses. I remember my brother doing the lemon water with Cayenne pepper and honey cleanse a long time ago and I remember thinking it just sounded awful. My first cleanse was a 3 day Shakeology cleanse and it was fine. I was pretty hungry when I did it and couldn't wait for dinner time! Beachbody created the 3 Day Refresh program and I immediately ordered it to use after my trip to Florida. I didn't stay on track in Florida and knew I needed something to get back on track and to help me get over the plateau I was stuck on.

Day 1: Day 1 was fine. I was not overly hungry (I got a little hungry before dinner) The only thing I made a mistake with was the fiber sweep. The fiber sweep has ground chia in it, and if you have ever used or eaten chia you know that when it is mixed with liquid it almost turns to gel. It gets thick and a little slimy. Well the fiber sweep says to drink immediately and I thought I was, but it really needs to say "Mix and Chug" I waited too long and it turned thick. It was like trying to drink cream of wheat. The flavor is not bad on the fiber sweep, almost a little citrus tasting.    For lunch you have the vanilla fresh which to me is not very tasty. (hopefully they will create a chocolate one sometime in the future) You have the option to mix in fruit with it, so I did that sometimes and it helped. I also added a little extract to help with the taste. I used coconut or orange extract. Its not horrible, just not my chocolate shakeology.

 Day 1: Breakfast: Shakeology with 1/2 banana                                         Day 1:  Fiber Sweep

                     Day 1: Lunch: Pineapple, Hummus, Carrots                       
    Day 1: Dinner Stir Fry Veggies, Veggie Broth,Vanilla Fresh

Day 2: I went to bed with the start of a headache and woke up to an even worse headache. I had to take some migraine medicine and then had my shakeology and the headache was gone. I assume it is part of the detox and you body getting rid of bad junk, but also due to it being before the start of my cycle (sorry for the info) I always get a headache before that.  I chugged the fiber sweep which was a lot easier this time and day 2 went well.
                   Day 2: Lunch: Avocado, carrots, 1/2 of the pineapple serving, the other half is in the vanilla fresh. 
Day 2: Dinner  Lemony Green Beans and Veggie Broth - Vanilla Fresh not pictured. 
Day 3: I was jealous of all the people who started the day before me and were already eating food.  I just had the desire to eat more than veggies. Its ok I stuck with it and moved on. Day 3 went well. I had a bit of a hard time getting the vanilla fresh down, so I just drank it quickly. Again it isnt horrible but just not my favorite. Day 3 I had to bake a cake, blueberry muffins and dinner for my husband and kids and was never tempted once to eat it. I dont know why it was easy for me to resist it. I had made it too far and there was no reason to blow it. I was excited when I went to bed, knowing that in the morning I could drink my black coffee and eat my eggs and fruit.
                                         Day 3: Dinner (my lunch and snacks were the same each day)
So overall I would absolutely do the refresh again!  I may do it once a month for a little while, just to keep a jumpstart on my weight loss, or to get over places I seem stuck. Now I have great results (results at the bottom) but it was not just about weight loss. The biggest thing for me in doing this is that I know I have the ability to resist snacking at night. I do it out of being bored or just sitting and watching tv. This is something i have to really work hard at from now on.

So now for my results: Unfortunately I didn't get pictures before and after. Not sure why I didn't take them, I always do them. I did measure my waist though.

                          Before:                       After 3 Day Refresh:                Totals:
Weight:                 174lbs                               167lbs                          7lbs lost!
Waist:                  37.5"                                   36.5"                            1 inch lost!

I am so happy with my results.
                                             Post Refresh Meal 1: Eggs, Pineapple and Coffee
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